Manufacture of tools for

tiltable and low pressure casting

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Tools for Al sheets and aluminium casts cutting
  • Tools composed of several segments or from multiple cutting elements of different forms and the associated frame
  • Maximum size of 1300x700 mm
  • Our tools provide the highest cutting quality
  • Tools are made of various types of steel for the work at Low Temperature 
Tools for casting of the non-ferrous metals
  • Design and manufacture of tools for the following casting procedures

                  • Classical tiltable casting

                  • Gravity casting

                  • Low pressure casting

  • Maximal tool dimensions 700x1000 mm
  • Tools are made of tool steel for the work at high temperatures (hot)
  • Manufacturing of tools for cores creation for casting of non-ferrous metals

Design/ Construction – our engineers use professional CAD/ CAM tools
  • Catia
  • PROEngineer
  • AutoCAD 


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